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- Est 1980 -

The Okapu F2 Trust is made up of approx 420 owners and is managed by a board of Trustees. 


The Trust owns and operates a sheep and beef station on an approximately 3000 acre property,  located on the shores of the beautiful Aotea habour in Kawhia.

Our Story


Okapu F2 Block was created on 19 December 1980, from an amalgamated partition order heard by the Maori Land Court, before Judge Kevin Bernard Cull. 

Okapu F2 was partitioned from the former block known as Okapu F which was amalgamated on the 15 August 1977.

The following Blocks were amalgamated to create Okapu F:


  • Moerangi 3G6A

  • Moerangi 3G6B

  • Aotea 3B1

  • Aotea 3B2B

  • Section 8 & 12 Block IV Kawhia North Survey District and being originally Kawhia E2A and Part of the Kawhia E1 and U1 Blocks

  • Okapu E

On December 1980 Okapu F2 was partitioned and endorsed one hundred and twenty eight owners relative to receive shares or portions set out next to their names.

The Maori Land Court determined that Okapu F2 contained 787.300 hectares, upon partition order dated 19 December 1980. The area has not changed since the creation of the Block.

Okapu F2 was vested in the Trustees of Okapu F2 under Section 438 of the Maori Affairs Act, 1953. A Certificate of Title was issued on May 15 1990 which is still currently active.

Upon creation of Okapu F2 there were one hundred and twenty eight owners and their respective interests determined by the Maori Land Court in 1980.

(Acknowledgement to AIHA Research for the above information).


Block Name: Okapu F2 Block
District: Waikato-Maniapoto (New Zealand)
Title Order Reference: 60 W 371-372
LTO Reference: CT 46A/716
Total Area (ha): 787.38
Title Order Date: 19/12/1980
Title Order Type: Consolidation Order
Total Shares: 108774.56
Number of Owners: 420
Block Status: C
Land Status: Maori Freehold Land
Block ID: 6635


The Okapu F2 Trust is managed and run by a mix of permanent staff and experts we contract in specialist areas.


The Okapu F2 Trust Board is made up of seven trustees who meet on a regular basis to oversee the governance and strategic direction of the Trust.

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